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I am single mother with Debts of more that $35,000. I have had the worst 5 months of my life. Not only was I stressed about my debts, I had a big bust up with my Husband which left my Daughter & I homeless. I didn't know what to do with all of my mounting debts as the creditors started to harassing me, they even started calling my work place.

I discussed with a friend at the work place and she told me how she tackled her financial problems and recommended me to Mr. Peter Peddinti at Clear Debt Solutions.

On my first visit, I was so pleased at their honest approach with a motive of helping rather than money making scam.

God Bless you.

Barbara Ten - (Results may vary)

Henry Watson

Just wanted to say thanks to you and all your colleagues at Clear Debt Solutions for the tremendous help and support you have given me during my Bankruptcy. Nothing has been too much trouble and you have always made yourselves available whenever I have had the need to contact you.

I really don't know what I would have done without goes without saying that I will be singing your praises and passing on your details to anyone I feel would benefit from your help.

Henry Watson - (Results may vary)


I know how frustrating and humiliating debts can be. It ruins you self confidence and peace of mind. My advice to anyone in my situation is to stop procrastinating and make sure that you deal with someone with integrity and honesty. My experience with Peter, from Clear Debt Solutions was far beyond expectations.

I am retired person living on my savings and my pension money. The credit card companies kept increasing my raising my credit limit even when they knew that my resources are so limited. Like any person, I borrowed from one card to pay the other till it came to the end of the line. I finally landed up with $78,000 of debt. Over the years, I have paying more money as interest that my debt amount. Once I started missing payments and everyone started threatening to sue me.

My debts were out of control. I liquidated most of my saving to pay yet the creditors started hounding me like a bunch of wolves. I was under panic, unable to sleep and called several companies and met them in person. I asked each of them the same questions. Some said that they did not charge me any fees while some called themselves “non-profit making organizations”. No one give me the right information. I was so confused.

I decided to dig further and finally came to the conclusion: Anyone who does not charge me are hired by the creditors – obviously they do not work for me. They get almost 20% of the settlement amount as their commission – in other words, they lure you by saying “no upfront fees” but the bottom line.. you end up paying more. The more they settle -the more they stand to gain.

Clear Debt solutions, was the only company gave no bull shit and explained how the system works. They answered every question I had in mind.

In my case, the “non-profit “organizations asked for $ 48,000 as settlement to be paid in 48 months at $1000 per month. They called this an orderly payment plan- not any legal option. The creditor can change his mind at any time and re-negotiate the offer as there is no binding on him.

Clear Debt Solutions, settled for $ 18,000 to be paid in 60 months ($ 300 per month) without any interest and it was a legal process monitored by the court. They charged me $ 650 (including GST) for their services.I feel they are `good Samaritans` than businessmen.

I received a letter from the court on the acceptance of my proposal by the creditors. Further, Clear Debt Solutions offered 2 Free Financial counselling sessions ( under the BIA act) and are now helping me re-build my credit. I most definitely recommend Clear Debt Solutions and rest should be a pleasant experience.

Michael - (Results may vary)

Mr. Allexander

Hoy, ikaw ay sa tamang lugar Clear utang Solusyon

I am a driver and have been living a decent life. When I started missing payments and the bill collectors started making our life miserable. The problem was that I were stuck with loads of medical bills from my ex-marriage. I called around to several debt consolidation companies, but the monthly payment was still too high.

In about 36 months, Clear Debt Solutions were able to eliminate our $67,000 in credit card and medical bill debt. I am so thankful to have the burden removed and for the first time in many years.

I have no words to describe the way Clear Debt Explains and handled my problems. No one can match them, Peter - you are the best "ang mga ito ay ang pinakamahusay na.

Alex - (Results may vary)

Mr. H. Hanks

You worked tirelessly on my behalf, listened and showed me compassion and understanding, helped me. Thank you very much.

Mr. H. Hanks - (Results may vary)

Mr. & Mrs. Akram Khan

A big thank you for all the time and effort spent working on our case, and the encouragement and support given. We had a lot of worrying times but feel such relief now our IVA is in place.

Mr. & Mrs Akram Khan - (Results may vary)


My wife and I thank you for all your assistance and your highest consideration.

I am a retired professor and my wife a retired medical nurse. We never had debts and felt very bad to be in such a situation. We were recommended by a close friend to meet Peter, from Clear Debt Solutions. He explained us that there is nothing wrong in having debts – but it is getting rid of it that is most important.

I like the way Peter has handled our case: very courteous and professional. Peter helped get us back on track. We have been treated well; they took all the time in explaining the process to help rectify our situation. We followed their advice and we are on the way to getting Debt Free.

Thanks to Clear Debt Solutions and the management for hiring such a well qualified team of experts.

Dr. Tommy Andrews . Retired Professor - (Results may vary)
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