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Consumer Proposals & Consultation Negotiate with your creditors and avoid bankruptcy

A registered Consumer Proposal is a legal process, governed under the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act. The law is designed to permit an honest but unfortunate debtor to obtain relief from his or her debts while treating creditors equally and fairly.

A consumer proposal is a contract that's negotiated with your creditors on your behalf. A legally approved binding agreement is put in place to arrange for a partial repayment of your total unsecured debt owing. You'll pay a portion of what you owe at no interest and your creditors will agree to ignore the balance owing.

For example if your owe $39,000 in Credit cards, Line of Credits, Taxes, Student Loans, Payday Loans or any other unsecured Loans – we would be able to negotiate the total debt to $ 8,000 (depending on your assets verses Liabilities).

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Consider these main benefits:

  • One monthly & manageable monthly repayment, with an option to accelerate payments
  • 0% interest on the payments
  • Protect your assets – house, car and income
  • Secured creditors remain outside this transaction and only un-secured creditors are addressed
  • A single creditor will be unable enforce any action unless there is a voting majority

Most creditors accept a proposal and do not want you to bankrupt as they recover more than they would in a bankruptcy.

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