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Debt Ratio—How To Use It To Maintain Healthy Credit

Re-establishing Your Credit History

It can be quite challenging to even think about your credit score after going through a harsh event, such as a bankruptcy or a consumer proposal. However, it’s very important to remember that you CAN re-establish your credit history. It may take some time to rebuild your credit score, but it’s certainly possible- especially when you’ve got the helpful assistance of Certified Credit Counselors. By taking the right steps, you can effectively re-establish your credit history.

Re-establishing Your Credit History after proposal:

We have listed some of the ways that you can re-establish your credit history below:

-Get assistance from knowledgeable and experienced Certified Credit Counselors, such as Clear Debt Solutions in Toronto and Mississauga. These experts can help provide you with the proper debt management that you need, and can give you the right advice on ways that you can correctly re-establish your credit history.

-Once you’re accepted for an active credit account, show your commitment to establishing a good credit rating by making consistent, timely payments. Remember- you can’t re-establish your credit history without having an active credit account. By proving that you’re able to reliably make the minimum payment on your monthly bills, it can have a positive effect on your credit history!

-Keep track of your spending. With a second chance to re-establish your credit, it’s crucial to make a good impression in order to rebuild a positive credit history.

If you have any inquiries regarding re-establishing your credit history, feel free to contact Clear Debt Solutions. They are experts at handling a wide variety of debt issues related to credit cards, loans, lines of credit, store cards, outstanding invoices, late payments, collection agencies, aggressive legal collectors or high interest institutions. They also have two locations in the GTA, and can also help you with your consumer proposal, which has many benefits over debt consolidation services. If you want to learn more about these credit counselling experts, check out

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