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Understanding your credit report

  YOUR CREDIT REPORT AND HISTORY Taking a loan or using a credit card or anything like buy now pay later, will have a credit history. If you don’t have money to pay for something even a car or a house mortgage, you look for a long term credit. Whenever a financial institution, such as … Read More

Re-establish yout credit

Re-establishing Your Credit History It can be quite challenging to even think about your credit score after going through a harsh event, such as a bankruptcy or a consumer proposal. However, it’s very important to remember that you CAN re-establish your credit history. It may take some time to rebuild your credit score, but it’s … Read More

How To Get Rid of Debt?

How To Get Rid of Debt? Technology has give rise to may new methods of conducting the business like on-line transactions, Mobile Banking, Visa Debit Cards and of course the traditional Credit Cards. These may be issued by Banks or other financial institutions -the applicant gets a line of credit or visa card or some … Read More

One-third of Canadian households living paycheque to paycheque

One-third  of Canadians still live from pay-cheque to pay-cheque, according to Globe and Mail. We can empathize as many have gone through such periods, but do we have to continue this way. Skating on thin ice and peace of mind becomes an elusive goal.

A new survey suggests fewer Canadians are living from paycheque to paycheque, and more are putting money aside for a rainy day or retirement.

But there are still a large number that would face difficulties after one week of not receiving their cheques, and savings rates remain low, the results show.

The survey by the Canadian Payroll Association found 47 per cent saying they would be in financial dire straits if their pay was delayed as little as a week.

Living from Pay-Check to Pay-Check

Living from Pay Check to Pay Check

What happens when the unforeseen happens? Continue reading

Debt Settlement Solutions—that WORK Legally!

Debt Settlement solutions run the gauntlet. Some of them however work better than others. Others don’t work at all. If you’ve been looking for debt settlement solutions—that actually WORK, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done our homework and we’ve got the guaranteed debt settlement solutions… Debt Settlement Solutions—that Will Actually Get you out … Read More

5 Debt Settlement Facts to Help you Erase your Debts

Debt settlement means putting all the debts into one bag. It could be borrowing from your home equity to pay off the credit cards or borrow from Peter to pay Paul. It is only temporary fix not a permanent solution and you will end up in more debt than before. You still owe the money, … Read More

Can Debt Consolidation Help Improve Your Financial Situation?

When an assessment is free, you literally have nothing to lose. Trying to manage a dire financial situation can be exceedingly stressful, and can have a negative impact on your home life. By agreeing to meet with knowledgeable and experienced Certified Credit Counselors, you can finally establish a viable plan that can help improve your … Read More

A Debt-Free Situation Is A Stress-Free Life

When we’re figuratively carrying the “weight of the world” on our shoulders, it can easily lead to high levels of stress. When people are in debt, it can have an impact on their lives, and that’s why stress can be so prevalent for them. Unfortunately, stress can lead to some serious health problems, such as … Read More

What are the benefits of a Consumer Proposal compared to credit counseling offered by non-profit agencies?

For those that are aware of its benefits, a consumer proposal is a godsend. Rather than filing for bankruptcy, you can have a fighting chance to pay off your bills through a consumer proposal. Due to this process, you would no longer have to pay interest fees, and you would have legal protection from creditors. … Read More