Monthly Archives: May 2014

How To Get Your Credit Report

We all know the importance of having a respectable credit score. Think of it this way- it’s one of the most important keys to getting an affordable mortgage for your home. Nevertheless, in order for you to ensure that your credit score is in good standing, you’ll need to discover your current rating. Being prepared … Read More

Debt Management 101

How far is “too far”? Consider your monthly bill payments, and how much money you usually have left over after you’ve paid them off. After settling your fixed payments (mortgage, utility, and car payments, etc.) and your taxes, what’s left of your earnings  is easily squandered on things that really don’t have an important impact … Read More

Money Management: Tips To Help Secure Your Finances

Do we really need advice on how we should handle our funds? Finding a way to successfully manage our earnings may not sound like much of a challenge, but it really is. For many of us, we figure that we don’t need to keep a close eye on what goes into the bank- as long … Read More

Getting Out of Debt—Strategies to AVOID

If you’re reading this then you’re surely in debt—and like most of us, you’ve made some bad decisions while attempting your getting out of debt strategy. Unfortunately, there are strategies to avoid that many of us fall victim to. To help you know the strategies to avoid while getting out of debt, we’ve made a … Read More