Monthly Archives: December 2013

Credit Building Tips

You can accrue a low credit score in a surprisingly short amount of time. Through the use of multiple credit cards, we can easily rack up some shockingly high bills, especially when we aren’t filtering our spending habits. Sure, that new refrigerator that you purchased has a great stainless steel finish- and it was on … Read More

De-Mythifying Bankruptcy

Let’s talk about bankruptcy- the word that sends chills down people’s spines. Some can’t even fathom what their lives would be like after going through this taxing ordeal. Though it may sound like the worst possible financial crisis that you could endure, it’s not the monster that you think it is. In fact, it can … Read More

How Much Do You Really Pay On Your Debts?

When we fall into debt, it can be a struggle to keep up with some of the minute details listed on our bills. The one thing that’s certain is that it’s quite challenging to manage a debt, especially when our interest piles up each month. At this point, the number that we owe fluctuates monthly, … Read More

The Importance of Debt Consolidation In This Economy

When looking at the current economical landscape that we’re dealing with, it’s a privilege for us to even have full time jobs. With the costs of living on the rise, along with bolstered mortgage and financing rates, it leaves quite an impact on our personal financial situations. When the bills keep piling up, playing “catch … Read More

Debt Ratio—How To Use It To Maintain Healthy Credit

The importance of keeping our credit ratings in good standing is very significant for our day to day lives. After all, we rely on our credit score to get an affordable mortgage rate for our home, and a fair financing rate for our vehicle. When it`s tarnished, you will quickly find out that a lot … Read More